Canning time!

39 pints Sunday afternoon! I hope to can this much hot pepper butter every week. We have plenty of peppers!!14317546_10153697931761432_8546355910621717842_n

Food Allergies and Stuie



SANY1001My daughter has multiple food allergies. She is anaphylactic to many foods. Stuie, a allergen dector dog came into her life almost eight years ago. Sadly we said goodbye to Stuie in March. Life has not been the same. Stuie worked so hard to keep Jasmine safe. It is hard to shop for groceries, anything, and not have Stuie ready to check the items (s) to see if they are Jasmine safe. I knew losing Stuie would be awful. I was so worried about keeping Jasmine safe I forgot how much we just loved Stuie for being Stuie. Our house has been so quiet. Our house has never been this quiet before. Even the cats didn’t make a sound.

Enter Quigley. We were gifted a dog named Quigley. Once we met him we understood his name. He IS a Quigley. We are training him. He is so smart! Our house has noise again but a different noise. I don’t think we will ever stop to listen for Stuie’s steps on the stairs.

Take videos, paw prints, lots of photos. You don’t know how much you will needs those videos, paw prints and photos later when they are gone.

Stuie is home now. He rests in a beautiful box on my grandmothers sideboard. He is home but our hearts are not healed. I believe the ache will stay with us through the years.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

Have you heard of this book? Read it? If not buy a copy. Normally I would say visit your library and check it out but most libraries have a long wait list for this book. This book is amazing! You pick it up because yes you need to clean up your house. Then you start reading it. And you wonder…. I am supposed to ask items if they spark joy in my life? I think Cosco has it now. Just an awesome book. There are some awesome groups on facebook as well.

Salsa Time


I love to can. Just love it. I don’t like salsa that much. Maybe because my husband likes XXXX hot salsa?  My recipe calls for two jalapenos per batch. I make a quadruple batch to save time.  I use up to four dozen peppers in his salsa. Jalapenos, habanero and this tiny red pepper. To make less than five alarm salsa is different for me.  I tasted it and acidly! It took me an hour to pull the acid taste out of it. I didn’t want to waste a pot of tomatoes. I played with it, googled some and fixed it. That much salsa will tide me over for a couple of years. 11988732_10152986593196432_2076474841471262746_n12004016_10152986593176432_4979486697647759083_n


I have been standing at a cross roads for months. Looking at the same forks in the road. My road, my choices, my life. Now if I could only decide. In my heart I have decided. Neither fork is the correct one, one is paved with anger. The other I would have to plead and beg. I will forge ahead and blaze a new path just for me. There will be consequences and I am not ready for them. I will be. I have to be. Time to do what needs done.

New Years Resolutions?

I don’t like the term resolutions. I am a planner so I make a plan. If the first plan doesn’t work, I make another plan.

I found . I am following her 14 Weeks to an Organized Home. I don’t have one room completely done…. yet. I am happy with the progress I have made. I think the local thrift store is happy with the donations I have made. Win win.

A friend of a friend on FB, started a squat challenge. Thirty days of squats. I found a easier ( less reps ) printout on Pintrest so I am following that. I got up to 130 reps a day but my knees can’t take that many reps. I have backed off to 80 – 100 reps a day. I started the thirty day ab challenge but haven’t kept up as well. Anything I am doing is so much better than what I did last month. Which was nothing. Again win, win. In February, I will work on adding the ab workout and some yoga. Maybe get wild and dust off my reformer?

Did you make resolutions?