SANY1001My daughter has multiple food allergies. She is anaphylactic to many foods. Stuie, a allergen dector dog came into her life almost eight years ago. Sadly we said goodbye to Stuie in March. Life has not been the same. Stuie worked so hard to keep Jasmine safe. It is hard to shop for groceries, anything, and not have Stuie ready to check the items (s) to see if they are Jasmine safe. I knew losing Stuie would be awful. I was so worried about keeping Jasmine safe I forgot how much we just loved Stuie for being Stuie. Our house has been so quiet. Our house has never been this quiet before. Even the cats didn’t make a sound.

Enter Quigley. We were gifted a dog named Quigley. Once we met him we understood his name. He IS a Quigley. We are training him. He is so smart! Our house has noise again but a different noise. I don’t think we will ever stop to listen for Stuie’s steps on the stairs.

Take videos, paw prints, lots of photos. You don’t know how much you will needs those videos, paw prints and photos later when they are gone.

Stuie is home now. He rests in a beautiful box on my grandmothers sideboard. He is home but our hearts are not healed. I believe the ache will stay with us through the years.