I don’t like the term resolutions. I am a planner so I make a plan. If the first plan doesn’t work, I make another plan.

I found abowlfulloflemons.net . I am following her 14 Weeks to an Organized Home. I don’t have one room completely done…. yet. I am happy with the progress I have made. I think the local thrift store is happy with the donations I have made. Win win.

A friend of a friend on FB, started a squat challenge. Thirty days of squats. I found a easier ( less reps ) printout on Pintrest so I am following that. I got up to 130 reps a day but my knees can’t take that many reps. I have backed off to 80 – 100 reps a day. I started the thirty day ab challenge but haven’t kept up as well. Anything I am doing is so much better than what I did last month. Which was nothing. Again win, win. In February, I will work on adding the ab workout and some yoga. Maybe get wild and dust off my reformer?

Did you make resolutions?